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Spiritual Curriculum

The New Christian Church, through its affiliates, Endeavor Academy and the Miracles Healing Center, offers a broad program that is transformational in its scope and purpose, and which is designed to appeal to participants at any stage of their awakening to a direct communication with God. It is designed equally for the newly inspired, the dedicated inquirer for Truth, for the seeker of a true experience of a spiritual retreat or sabbatical, for an aspirant to the church's religious Order of New Christian Endeavor, or finally, for a candidate for ordination as a minister of the New Christian Church of Full Endeavor. The students participate in academic classes, contemplative study, prayer, active meditation, and voluntary service, and an uncompromising application of the principles of love and forgiveness taught by Jesus in The New Testament and his Course In Miracles.

Spiritual Retreats

The Retreat programs are designed as opportunities to prepare the aspiring mind for a deepening relationship with God. New participants are welcome at any time to these initiating experiences of the miracle of healing and peace that derive from the application of Jesus’ teaching of forgiveness and love as prescribed in A Course In Miracles and The New Testament.

A Spiritual Retreat offers the rejuvenation of mind and body that presents the visitor to these retreats a brand new, bright and joyful purpose. The daily sessions demonstrate the power of dynamic prayer, miracle healing and the masterful mind training of A Course In Miracles in a profound, deeply personal, physical, mental, and emotional healing experience. This new discovery of self, in a spiritual rebirth, is an essential introduction to the experience of direct communication with the Mind of God through personal revelation. Typically, participants are introduced to spiritual retreats during weekend or weeklong seminars called Advents of Awakening. Many participants will elect to extend their visits or return for longer periods of personal dedication to contemplation and prayer. There are no limits to the number or length of visits in which a participant may choose to partake.

Certificate Programs –Religious Training Programs

At some point, many participants in spiritual retreats choose to make a deeper commitment to their own personal spiritual development. For those who want to intensify their dedication to the path of realizing the Self, an extended period of residency at Endeavor Academy is a life transforming experience.

Endeavor Academy combines the theological religious curriculum of a seminary with the meditative, devotional and disciplinary nurturing of a religious order, including an emphasis on a minimum worldly and material life-style. The Academy is the forum for the Church’s training for ministerial ordination, for educational development for the various religious and missionary occupations extending the Church outreach efforts, and for formal preparation for the Church’s service-oriented religious vocational order.