Privacy Policy

We Believe

We believe in a single God who is all there is, and who creates us,
and everything there is, forever, and forever perfect.
We believe in direct communication with God through
the Holy Spirit by the medium of prayer.
We believe in the "peace that passeth understanding" and in experiencing it.
We are certain of the physical resurrection of our body by the demonstration
of our Brother and Friend Jesus Christ Who is alive and always with us.
We believe that through our individual unqualified acceptance and practice
of the singular teaching of forgiveness and love of our Savior, the resurrected man,
Jesus Christ of Nazareth, that a spiritual revival of a totally unprecedented
dimension is overtaking the world.
We believe in miracles.
We believe that all things are possible through
the application of the power of Love.
We believe that miracles are perfectly natural through our recognition
and admission that we are as God created us. And, that they are manifested
by an out flowing of unconditional love that will enlighten our minds,
perfectly heal our sick and dying bodies, and restore us to the Kingdom
of Heaven which is a real and present condition of God's whole love.