The New Christian Church, through its affiliates, Endeavor Academy and the Miracles Healing Center, offers a broad program that is transformational in its scope and purpose, and which is designed to appeal to participants at any stage of their awakening to a direct communication with God. It is designed equally for the newly inspired, the dedicated inquirer for Truth, for the seeker of a true experience of a spiritual retreat or sabbatical, for an aspirant to the church's religious Order of New Christian Endeavor, or finally, for a candidate for ordination as a minister of the New Christian Church of Full Endeavor. The students participate in academic classes, contemplative study, prayer, active meditation, and voluntary service, and an uncompromising application of the principles of love and forgiveness taught by Jesus in The New Testament and his Course In Miracles.

Spiritual Retreats

The Retreat programs are designed as opportunities to prepare the aspiring mind for a deepening relationship with God. New participants are welcome at any time to these initiating experiences of the miracle of healing and peace that derive from the application of Jesus’ teaching of forgiveness and love as prescribed in A Course In Miracles and The New Testament.

A Spiritual Retreat offers the rejuvenation of mind and body that presents the visitor to these retreats a brand new, bright and joyful purpose. The daily sessions demonstrate the power of dynamic prayer, miracle healing and the masterful mind training of A Course In Miracles in a profound, deeply personal, physical, mental, and emotional healing experience. This new discovery of self, in a spiritual rebirth, is an essential introduction to the experience of direct communication with the Mind of God through personal revelation. Typically, participants are introduced to spiritual retreats during weekend or weeklong seminars called Advents of Awakening. Many participants will elect to extend their visits or return for longer periods of personal dedication to contemplation and prayer. There are no limits to the number or length of visits in which a participant may choose to partake.

Certificate Programs –Religious Training Programs

At some point, many participants in spiritual retreats choose to make a deeper commitment to their own personal spiritual development. For those who want to intensify their dedication to the path of realizing the Self, an extended period of residency at Endeavor Academy is a life transforming experience.

Endeavor Academy combines the theological religious curriculum of a seminary with the meditative, devotional and disciplinary nurturing of a religious order, including an emphasis on a minimum worldly and material life-style. The Academy is the forum for the Church’s training for ministerial ordination, for educational development for the various religious and missionary occupations extending the Church outreach efforts, and for formal preparation for the Church’s service-oriented religious vocational order.

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The Primary Role of Ministers in the New Christian Church of Full Endeavor

“They come from all over the world.  They come from all religions and from no religion.  They are the ones who have answered a universal Call.  Each one begins as a single light, but with the Call at its center it is a light that cannot be limited…..They who have received the messages of God would have them be received by you as well.”  It is this joining that the Minister of God undertakes to recognize, and extend: the getting and the giving of God’s Word; the giving and receiving of His Will.

Ordained ministers in the New Christian Church of Full Endeavor have completed a five year course at the Church’s Seminary, Endeavor Academy.  (See requirements for ministerial degree outlined in the Handbook of the Seminary of the New Christian Church).  As New Christian Church ministers, their primary functions are conducting worship services, religious instruction and spiritual counseling. They teach by demonstration of the love and forgiveness through which they themselves were healed. 

As A Course In Miracles expresses it, they are “Teachers of God” who “somewhere have made a deliberate choice in which they did not see their interests as apart from someone else’s.”  It is “through their ability to hear one Voice which is His Own that [they help] individuals become aware at there is One Voice in themselves.”  Ministers of the New Christian Church recognize that the messages they deliver are intended first for themselves.  “Teaching is but a call to witnesses to attest to what you believe.  It is a method of conversion” or healing. 

There are countless forums through which ordained ministers of the New Christian Church extend and communicate the message of love and forgiveness as prescribed by Jesus Christ in the New Testament and A Course In Miracles.  They include but are not limited to:

  • Personally living and demonstrating the principles of A Course In Miracles
  • Leading daily worship and prayer sessions at the Church headquarters in Wisconsin and in our various Church satellites all over the world.
  • Enhancement of personal spiritual growth and conscious contact with God through prayer, meditation, contemplation of the scriptures and participation in the daily worship assemblies of the congregation.
  • Religious instruction through educational programs within the Church, the Church Seminary, Endeavor Academy, the Miracles Healing Center and at our various Church satellites.
  • Religious instruction, worship, prayer and meditation services on the internet through Pal talk, Endeavor Academy online, Online Advents, YouTube and other similar online program opportunities.
  • In missionary “advents”, at home and abroad, to introduce the message of the Church to thousands around the world each year.
  • Administering the Holy Sacraments.
  • Offering spiritual healing at the Miracles Healing Center where like Christian Science, healing is taught as a divine science of the mind.
  • Spiritual guidance and counseling through personal contact, phone, or email requests for prayer and healing.
  • Writing, editing, publishing, and distributing Church’s extensive collection of religious education materials which includes both printed and online materials.
  • Producing, filming, recording, editing, and distributing extensive audio-visual materials.
  • Translating into many languages (German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Polish, Italian, as well as others) educational sessions and materials from a perspective that is seminary-trained.
  • Correspond with and offer spiritual counseling to individuals who are in prison systems, both at home and abroad.
  • Participate in Church’s administration functions both at home and in satellite centers.
  • Represent the Church and Senior Minister in all activities.

As A Course In Miracles is translated into more and more languages, there is an expanding demand for trained ministers who can extend the healing experience of love and forgiveness promised by its curriculum. The Course was introduced into public awareness with the publication in 1992 of Marianne Williamson’s best seller, Return to Love, Reflections on A Course In Miracles.  During the spring of 2008, A Course In Miracles is being employed as a tool of awakening by enlightened spiritual teacher, Eckard Tolle, with popular talk-show host,Oprah Winfrey in a series of public sessions on the internet which are being heard by millions.  Already, demand for trained ministers from the New Christian Church of Full Endeavor has increased exponentially.   (See Church Organizational Chart for context of global expansion of Church.)

Ministerial Training Program

The Ministerial Training Program of the Church is offered at the Church's Seminary, Endeavor Academy during five core years of formal seminary training programs. A core curriculum of traditional and modern religious studies is augmented by liberal arts offerings including dance, music, art, science, physiology, philosophy, psychology, and literature. Each individual activates and is enhanced by his own revelatory experience. To reinforce his learning, each student will then teach, communicate, and extend this experience of transformation to others. Each year's program is designed to be completed within one year and successful completion results in certification.

The Program culminates after five years in formal ordination in the New Christian Church. Listed below is a general overview of the curriculum. The timeline, however, is individual,dependent on the academic background and life experience with which the individual enters Endeavor Academy.

Participants are also required to work closely with the teaching and ministerial staff to establish the educational level appropriate for them to perform their missionary and/or teaching calling in their home country and around the world. Some committed ministerial candidates, for instance, begin their missionary outreach early in their training; others do not leave the Academy until they complete their training.

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Undergraduate Requirements for the Christian Ministerial Certificate

Year One: Christian Transformational Studies

Goal: To undergo a personal experience of awakening through a familiarity with and an application of the teachings of Jesus Christ in the New Testament and A Course In Miracles. The interdisciplinary curriculum is individualized and includes a personal discovery of the natural process of miraculous healing available through the practice of the principles of forgiveness and love outlined in the "Sermon on the Mount."

Year Two: Christian Ministerial Teaching Program

Goal: To expand and mature the self-awareness and purification begun in the first year. Initial attempts will be made by the aspirant in various group-teaching situations to express conceptually his transformational experience. The consistent application of the lessons of the Workbook of A Course In Miracles, regular meditative prayer, and giving through service will assist the process of personal integration.

Year Three: Advanced Christian Ministerial Teaching Program

Goal: To develop the capacity to articulate and extend the offering of Christian Spiritual Enlightenment in all apparent circumstances. The aspirant will develop an easy personal familiarity with the transformational teaching offered by Jesus in his Course In Miracles including the revelatory experience of Singularity, Baptism, Transfiguration, Resurrection, and Ascension. The aspirant will also begin to correlate this universal evolutionary experience with the teachings of the Eastern Masters, quantum physics, psychology, philosophy, and the genius of art, music and dance. The individuals will be expected to participate in introductory teaching situations, in missionary outreach, or in the pulpit of the Academy's parent church,  the New Christian Church of Full Endeavor.

Year Four: Christian Ministerial Healing Program

Goal: To stand in the experience of the certainty of Singular Mind and in a thorough understanding of the dynamics of his own miraculous transformation. The aspirant is now ready to extend that certainty to others. Under the supervision of Master Teachers, the practitioner will learn to serve as a catalyst for the healing power of Christ Mind. With the Miracles Healing Center as his classroom, the new Christian healer first will witness to, and then extend the miracle of spontaneous healing.

Year Five: Christian Teaching Internship Program

Goal: To recognize through experience "teaching to learn." Students will serve as adjunct teachers in several venues: in Endeavor Academy in Wisconsin itself, in missionary outreach, and in satellite sites within the USA, in Europe, Central & South America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Africa. The graduating teacher will apply, expand, and mature personal transformative knowledge, and evolve capacities of expression and extension begun in the previous four years. The Christian principle of Atonement will continue to be the cornerstone of the curriculum. Upon completion of year five, the ministerial teacher will be eligible to receive a certificate recognizing him as a "Minister of the New Christian Church of Full Endeavor".

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The Process of Dedication to a Religious Vocation

A vocational calling within the Order of New Christian Endeavor - the religious order of the New Christian Church - is a very personal occurrence. It is preceded by an extended demonstration of commitment within the curriculum and program opportunities of the Church, particularly through its educational arm, Endeavor Academy in conjunction with the Miracles Healing Center (see curriculum).  As a contemporary devotional religious brotherhood, the Order of New Christian Endeavor nonetheless requires initiation through the fulfillment of the many traditional religious milestones of dedication and renunciation. All members of the religious order are known as "brothers" irrespective of gender.

Each applicant must demonstrate two years of continuous affiliation and study at the seminary Endeavor Academy, and the Miracles Healing Center, or through the Course in Miracles Online program or through affiliations with one of the Church’s missionary centers around the world. After admission to the program, the prospective candidate enters as an aspirant during a probationary period up to six months long. Only then will the aspirant make the decision to whether or not to enter the Order as a "novice.

This program is individually designed for the dedicated aspirant and generally requires a minimum of five years of commitment before permission to take final vows is made. Maturation in enlightenment is exceedingly individual and not merely related to accumulation of information. Novices are evaluated on the integration within their thinking of the transformational experience offered in all of their academic courses. The demonstration of this recognition is encouraged through individual creative projects, including student teaching assignments that demonstrate interdisciplinary integration.

Classes are interactive, experiential, and offer many opportunities for self expression and service extended through self-realization. Novices are assessed by their teachers on such factors as participation, knowledge of content, and evidence of maturation in the integration of their personal transformational reassociation. Novices participate regularly with their mentors in a formal process of self-reflection.

"Successful completion of the first year allows the novice to reflect on his experience and deepen his commitment through a rededication to his transformation. No longer a beginner in the contemplation, devotion, and vigilance required of the practitioner of A Course In Miracles, the dedicated aspirant, now becoming a "Brother Novice,"should possess through personal experience an understanding of the magnitude of the miracle available through his dedication to his individual transformation. He testifies to his maturation through an annual recitation of his religious vows for a total of three years.

Brother Novices completing this first phase of the Order's full five year curriculum are now more than halfway towards finishing their academic requirements within their vocation to the Church.

Only the truly dedicated commit to the last two years of the program that focus on extension of God's word through:

1) service internship at one of the recognized centers of study affiliated with the NCCFE and

2) taking final vows of lifelong devotion to the service of God.

Now, having become a "Brother of the Religious Order of New Christian Endeavor," in a public ceremony, the new brother renounces his secular self-identity and dedicates his life to the devotion to God.

The New Christian Church of Full Endeavor provides an environment to meet the Call to God's Service in a wide variety of forms. Those seeking admission to The Order of New Christian Endeavor are supported in their transformation by the compassion of our Savior in this total devotion. Successful candidates benefit from a serenity of mind and a joyous bounty of unconditional love and forgiveness.


~ Relinquishment ~

Father, I give all that is mine today to Christ, to use in any way that best will serve the purpose that I share with Him. Nothing is mine alone, for He and I have joined in purpose. Thus has learning come almost to its appointed end. A while I work with Him to serve His purpose. Then I lose myself in my Identity, and recognize that Christ is but my Self.

~ Forgiveness ~

Forgiveness looks on sinlessness alone, and judges not. Through this I come to You. Judgment will bind my eyes and make me blind. Yet love, reflected in forgiveness here, reminds me You have given me a way to find Your peace again. I am redeemed when I elect to follow in this way. You have not left me comfortless. I have within me both the memory of You, and One Who leads me to it. Father, I would hear Your Voice and find Your peace today. For I would love my own Identity, and find in It the memory of You.

~ Trust ~

This holy instant would I give to You. Be You in charge. For I would follow You, Certain that Your direction gives me peace. And if I need a word to help me, He will give it to me. If I need a thought, that will He also give. And if I need but stillness and a tranquil, open mind, these are the gifts I will receive of Him. He is in charge by my request. And He will hear and answer me, because He speaks for God my Father and His holy Son.


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